And so it continues…

Taking a scan of where we as a group began and where we stand today, I am enamored with the skills that are developing around me. From Mary Catherine’s awe-inspiring visualization of Icelandic Sagas to Martha Joy’s splintering proposal ideas, this group has evolved into a community of valuable thinkers, but more importantly valuable workers.

While I work through my own project proposal, I find more and more areas where I will need help executing each stage of development. I should be discouraged that the staff and the skillsets that are required for the success of my project is only expanding as I think through it more and more. Instead, I am excited to consider not only closer friends in the course as assets, but also people who I have yet to really chat with one on one as potential teammates.

When NYPL went around the room asking us about what we were working on and what we were going to propose, I have to admit, I went with a lame cop out answer. I hadn’t had the heart to blurt out what I really was thinking of proposing. Instead I went with some idea about a content series or something of that sort.

I have gone with a much more exciting proposition. It involves not only the study of an unexplored corpus, but also the development of a new platform for studying a particular type of media. I will explain more in my presentation tomorrow, but I thought this would be a good time and outlet to reflect on our group, our growth, and our future together.

Thank you all for being such a fantastic, collaborative, and thought-provoking amalgamation of personalities, minds, backgrounds, and insight.

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