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Willingness and interest in learning: I think that as students, we all pretty much have this. That said, I spent a good portion of my Winter break learning Python. As such, I am willing to take on roles that I am unfamiliar with, and step outside my comfort zone (like the soon-to-be dreaded developer role). Aside from Python, I went to most of the workshops last semester, and followed up study on several languages. Aside from Python, I am interested in R and Ruby, but have not looked into them as deeply thus far. I learned basic coding in high school in C++ (let’s just use C++, right??) and HTML via tending to my Neopets back to 2002. Better times.

I like to write and communicate: My Bachelors is in English. I write every day and I enjoy doing it. However, I also love speaking–even public speaking! As such, I think that the Outreach Coordinator is a solid fit for me. In my own project proposal, I realized that the OC is going to be a large undertaking, and I am sure the same rings true for many of the projects we intend to work on. That said, I have a great deal of confidence in all of you and your projects. I believe that we are capable of succeeding, and I would like to share this conclusion with the world such that they might help us achieve our goals.

I believe in simplicity: I do not believe in spending four syllables where one would suffice. I prefer to speak and write in the simplest terms as possible. Does this make me a good designer? My style is minimalist, as can be seen from the website I tend to (where I post & host my podcast). I mostly work in templates, and know very little CSS. I am familiar with Adobe Photoshop, but that’s pretty much it. I would love to work with someone who knows more about design programs.

Strong memory and time management: My primary goal in my own project was to ensure that I could achieve my base goals by the end of the semester. I think it’s very exciting that many of you have theory-crafted projects that will take a considerable amount of time and effort. If I undertake the role of project manager I want to ensure that by the end of the semester, we have something to show for all of our efforts. This might mean cutting and streamlining the project down to a very “alpha” state. I am more than willing to create timelines and deadlines to make this happen.

In summation: I love working with people. I have great respect for the people in this class, and regardless of which project and role I end up doing, I will be happy. I am ready and willing to jump into any position, but I want to work on a project that has a lot of bleed between roles, such that I can learn a little of this and a little of that.

Regardless of our tentative successes and failures, I am very interested in seeing what happens.  Maybe it’ll all turn into one big romantic comedy and Steve can break it down for us shot-by-shot.

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