State of Your Projects

Hi All:

Below are some notes on the immediate needs of each project that we hope will help focus your work through the next week and a half.

Luke & Amanda


  • Solidify live streaming via Icecast and broadcast via Airtime paths, and identify security/gate keeping/bandwidth challenges of each.
  • Keep working to master Bootstrap for your site.
  • Consider implementing a git repository and start using it to collaborate.


  • Go to school on Instagram API. (Tessa)
  • Get MySQL running and start exploring SQL queries to put data into the database and take it back out. (Someone other than Tessa)


  • Merge image/text processing scripts.
  • Think through recommended pivot to Django.
  • Send us your Github repos.


  • We are recommending a shift to PHP over Python for scripting in this project.
    • More precisely: get a form action up and running PHP. Get at least as far as showing me what I entered into the search form, possibly even showing a user the API call that such a search should generate.
  • Go to school on what you can get from DocumentCloud, and start to come up with some example HTML pages for what results might look like.

2 thoughts on “State of Your Projects

  1. Amanda Hickman

    Just wanted to add, for team Digital HUAC: we looked at where you are thus far and we’re thinking that you can get where you need to be much more quickly with PHP.

    If you’ve gotten far enough in Python that you can write a quick form action — a script that takes whatever you put into your form and does something with it (just printing it to the screen is a good start) — then by all means carry on with Python. But if you’re not there yet, PHP will probably get you there faster.

    For instance … at you’ll find the bones of a very basic HTML form and PHP form action. You can see that on line 33 I “include” the HTML form — I just did that so you can see the block of HTML that makes up the form itself separately. You can see it in action at

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