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DH Box Overview/OCT. 9th

I was only able to stay for the first half of this workshop so it would be great if some other folks who attend chime in as well.

Here is the DH Box website:

Right now it seems as if the tool is particularly useful for teaching DH tools in the classroom. For example if you try to teach a workshop on Omeka (an online catalog/exhibition tool) and you are using rented lap tops or a computer lab where you do not have the ability to download software, DH box will allow you to use Omeka through a browser. DH box is still a bit new and requires some comfort with command line interactions. There is a lot of documentation online. This is what I gathered I hope other friends will add more comments about what they learned.

Anxiously Awaiting DH

Hi all,

Julia here (I have a hard time finding peoples names next to all the tags hidden away at the bottom)

For those feeling a bit anxious to see theory and practice side by side you should all read Ted Underwood‘s Blog The Stone And The Shell. He is a Romantic Lit scholar and a DHer and he does a really nice job showing his work and talking about the uncertainties, and he’s really nice and you can tweet at him and he will for sure talk to you. I took a text mining class he taught, he is just the best.

Here are a couple of good text + theory posts:

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