Please plan to be in Room 9205 by 4 pm on Tuesday (or have at least one member of your group there at that time) so we can verify setup ahead of the event. More details will be coming about an afterparty in the MALS Lounge, but I want to issue two quick reminders about your presentations.

  • First, be sure you’re as precise and specific with your language as you can possibly be. This goes for your written work as well, but you’ll need to remember you’re presenting to people unfamiliar with your work and in many cases your methods. Clarity will be key to getting across what you’ve accomplished.
  • Second, make sure your presentations include a statement of the current state of the project. Is it useable? Is it a proof of concept that’s viewable, but that’s not functional in an interactive way? What each group has produced absolutely passes muster for the requirements of the course (even if tied together in certain spots with string and duct tape). You can feel comfortable giving the audience an honest sense of what they’ll get when they visit your urls.

Finally… I have been working with a couple of you to fine tune your pitches, and Amanda and I are available to give that feedback right up to the time of the launch. If you want to run anything by us, need some help with language, or are confused about anything at all… just holler.