Python Workshop

The Python Workshop last night was SRO, with members of our class occupying about a third of the seats (including some who had been on the wait list). Given the complexity of the subject and the short time, the class barely scratched the surface of Python Programming, but it was a start.

For those interested in other Python learning opportunities, I would mention several. First, the workshop instructor named two books: Python for Kids by Jason Briggs (good for those who have zero prior exposure to programming) and Learn Python the Hard Way by Zed Shaw for those who have some familiarity with coding.

There are four Python classes on I have not taken any of them, but I have taken other classes and they have all been good.

I can also recommend Coursera, which offers a Python class.

Finally, classmate Chris Vitale shared with me a link to Code Academy, which I will pass along.

Happy coding!


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