Welcome to our world. The CUNYcast Commons Group is now open to all!
Shout it out. #CUNYcast

We started this project in earnest weeks ago. But, looking back to March 1st when we posted our second process report for the DHpraxis class (after we went from a four person team to a three person team), we have definitely made headway. (Bad Shark. Go Away).

We are ready to start opening up the group to others who may be interested: 1. in signing up to produce future CUNYcasts, 2. techie-types who may want to submit their opinions as we build out this platform (Speak now or forever hold your peace). We are currently working in Bootstrap to configure our WordPress site and hope to launch by the week of April 1st.

Yesterday our site template went from this (see below) to next slide. Julia and Joy worked in tandem (get it; ha.. ha- we luv you classmates :)) on several agenda items:


To this:


Next we have to wrestle with remedying the code for the header on the new pages. Go to our CUNYcast Commons Group to view this daunting (and hysterical) code.
[or you can download FULL DOCUMENT w/HTML CODE HERE]

James configured widgets and generally dove into Icecast and airtime.


We have a custom icon now too:


We got a little blog action goin’ on by way of a shout out here too.

Next up, we gotta get the website uploaded to the server, make some adjustments to the pages, and get the flow between airtime and our site ironed out. These are our major goals right now.