Trouble in Paradise

The internet is a paradise of open-source code, shared information, and technology tutorials. Right?

But, what about the obstacles we’ve all come up against? Whether problems present a steeper learning curve than we expect, a tiny piece of missing information, or a techie dead end, these issues can result in lack of sleep, brain overload, or simply “giving up.” Our team has been working diligently throughout the last many weeks on three major fronts:

  • Identifying exactly what our project is, and how to model it.
  • Grappling with the technology in all its various aspects: broadcast & web building.
  • Overcoming what appears to be inherent issues with the systems we’re working with.

We are presenting in class this week. So, we’ll share many of the details of CUNYcast’s progress then. But, for the weekly blog we’ll divulge one particularly annoying problem.

When you contact us to start a cast, we provide a url. Making an attempt to create a broadcast using the information we currently provide leads to one of two things: leads to:CUNYcast_NAA search for leads to:


Which will prompt a potential CUNYcast user to contact our developer who will respond with kind encouragement to just ignore the warnings and go ahead (see the nice red arrow):


For potential casters this might be a sign to give up or walk away. The lack of security certificate is a problem. We’ve made inquiries but we just don’t know how to fix it yet. Until we do, inviting potential casters to get on board might be a mistake. We don’t want to turn them off before they begin, and ultimately many of the casters may not be techie types at all. The whole process has gotta be super easy. That’s why we’re working so hard– so it can be super smooth to Shout It Out with CUNYcast in the future.

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