The Gorilla in the Room at CUNYcast

This week CUNYcast went from 12 followers to 43. We broadcast live on April 30 and May 1st from the 10th Annual Academic MOM Conference at GC and Manhattan College. I organized the broadcasts on my cell phone using KoalaSan with minimal interruption with Julia listening online and testing audio quality. Outreach included my personal FB, newsletters, and The Graduate Center electronic signage. Additionally, WGS put up a link on their page advertising the MOM Conference would be broadcast by We do not know how many people tuned in to listen, but the experiment went well.

We are preparing for our final presentations, James is putting the finishing touches on the tutorials and Julia will update the website pages. We aim to have these tweaked by the end of next week.

Since our experiment began, we’ve been fond of saying that CUNYcast is a good platform for “Guerrilla Slamming,” meaning an audio ambush of sorts. We envision tagging interesting people mid-conversation for a broadcast on campus. I even went online to to order a mask for our year-end presentation.

GorillaHowever, as soon as I began to research “Guerrilla” based on the “Guerrilla Girls,” an arts activist group that seeks to bring awareness about social inequity to the broader public discourse, I realized that “Gorilla” mask and a “Guerrilla Slam” have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Which begs the question, why do the Guerrilla Girls wear Gorilla masks? As of this writing, I do not know. But, we do have one frightening gorilla mask droning its way to us as I write.

Is this a problem, or should we just ignore it? Write me with your opinion at

For more on Gorilla vs. Guerrilla read on:
Gorilla and Guerrilla are completely different from each other. Gorillas are basically great apes, whereas Guerrillas are members of a group of irregular soldiers.

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