Final Papers

Guidelines for your final papers (group and individual) are as follows:

Project Report and Personal Reflection

By Monday May 25, you must submit to Luke and Amanda via email:

A group final project report (15-20 pages)

The report should …

  • Tell the story of your project from proposal to May 19 public launch
  • Detail the roles and contributions of each member
  • Discuss obstacles you confronted, and how you addressed them
  • Explore the directions this project could take going forward
  • Describe your plans for ths project going forward
  • Please let us know whether or your group is okay with this report being shared publicly

A 3-5 page individual reflection

The reflection document should …

  • Detail your contributions to the project
  • Describe what you’ve learned this semester
  • Reflect upon how the experience of working on your project fits into the arc of your professional development.