Cloud computing, collaboration and changing work flows

A very interesting article in today’s Bits section of the NY Times by Quentin Hardy examines the changing nature of work and collaboration (admittedly in big companies) resulting from the growing use of cloud computing. This raises interesting questions for us to consider.

2 thoughts on “Cloud computing, collaboration and changing work flows

  1. (Martha) Joy Rose

    Thanks Steve – Interesting piece and maybe a little scary for manager-types, eh?

    I have two articles to share from the Feminist Tech class that elaborate on aspects of the Steve Jones’ talk. The attempt to trace the involvement of women early in computing history (HERstory 🙂

    The first is called “When The Computer Wore A Skirt”:

    Also “The Human Computer Project” which is a virtual museum site dedicated to the work of female mathematicians:

    Thanks for sharing the NYT article. I love media content that brings academic discourse to the fore.

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