10 thoughts on ““Playing” with Images

  1. Tessa Maffucci

    Great! I’ve been wanting to play around with ImagePlot, but I was putting it off because I was worried about wrangling all the images–from your post it sounds much more manageable than I was anticipating. I’d thought about doing a mini project with pinterest… analyzing different users and/or boards for color values or brightness. Definitely going to give it a try now!

  2. Renzo Adler

    Fascinating. I have my own blog where I collect snippets from old Japanese magazines. I could cross reference the data from which of my posts are most liked/reblogged and see if there’s any correlation with how they fall on other color scales. Now if I can just figure out how this program works…

  3. madi Post author

    Hi Renzo,
    I think this software gives a totally different perspective from that of human vision…so, there is every likelihood you’ll find something entirely new about your blog readers’ preferences! As a fellow traveller, I’d be happy to help!

  4. Renzo Adler

    Thanks, Madi!
    Right now I’m fiddling around with a folder I have of about 400 jpegs. I ran that through ImageJ and saved it as a .csv file then opened excel and made one saved as a txt file. But now when I open the macro it gives me an error because there are commas in the file. I’m trying to figure out if I did something wrong when converting csv to txt or if it’s from when I made the first csv file.

  5. Renzo Adler

    Okay, realized I did not save them as Tab Delimited, so I did that, but now I keep getting a message that says UNDEFINED VARIABLE IN LINE 1 when I try to run the Macro.

  6. Renzo Adler

    Latest update. Figured out what I was doing wrong with opening files and the whole Undefinided Variable in Line 1 problem, but now I’m trying to figure out measuring image saturation and getting that info put into the txt file. The other issue is that while I do have information like the source of the image, subject matter, and year of publications, that info is only saved as tags on my blog and would probably have to be manually typed for the sake of this imageplot.

  7. madi Post author

    re: image saturation
    did you download the larger download set or just the imageplot software? The larger set has extras which includes the macro ‘ImageMeasure’. I was under the impression this macro can measure image saturation.
    re: tags
    I believe that info should be stored locally by the software you use to catalog your images. sometimes even a explorer-like display that sorts the images might do the trick.

  8. Renzo Adler

    I have imageplot and I just figured out that imagemeasure is there. However when I run the text file through everything I still get a black screen instead of a visual chart. Also, Imagemeasure doesn’t retain the filename.

    Also, I don’t use any software to store them on my computer, I just scan them from books and dump them into a basic folder. It’s when I put them on tumblr that the post the pictures are in get various tags. I’m not sure if there is any way to automatically transfer those tags onto the individual images.

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