Data Visualization at its best

After listening to the presentations of Manovich, Jones ,the NYPL,  and Scheinfeldt, attending the Fellows workshops on geospatial mapping and neatline, and seeing the presentations of several classmates, I  began to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It was and still is a process. I am slowly visualizing my project in mapping form.

My visualization process flowed in this order:

First,  the presentations of the experts helped to solidify the process. If you do not understand command line and other languages, it is best to find someone who has the background or the software that seems the most user friendly.   Second, is making your project grant worthy for the funder. Third, is really delving in and playing around with the different programs to see which one better suits your project needs.  After attending the Fellow  workshops with Micki, Michelle and finally David Mcluren from Neatline, the very last one I might add.  This is the one that seemed to present the best visualization that I am interested in for my research.

Cindy and I are working on a Data Project for our respective research projects and we have similar interest and so we are working together to hopefully present something that will one day receive funding.

Thank you for a well-rounded approach for the less tech savvy student.