#Skillset @jojokarlin

Hey #RealWorld #DHPraxis14,

I thought I’d at least start a post (to be edited should the need arise).

#Skillset I offer you:

  1. coordinating/interfacing with people (I like people)
  2. multimodal production experience (I’m an actress, but have worked in most aspects of theatrical production — stage management, direction, music, tech, design — so am pretty comfortable combining different forms/formats to create a unified product).
  3. editing (I like grammar and punctuation (parentheticals especially)). This skill comes with a general love of/attention to details.
  4. positive attitude — enthusiasm and pragmatism — I am impatient to dive in, but patient with failure. I am critical without being judgmental.
  5. creativity (#ironicemptyspace)
  6. cookie baking (I am not above baked good bribery).

See you Tuesday.


1 thought on “#Skillset @jojokarlin

  1. Tessa Maffucci

    thanks for getting things started, Jojo!

    #skillset in no particular order…

    1. researching (I will spend hours digging around for one specific piece of information)
    2. editing (less from a grammar perspective and more from a communication perspective. In a past life I had to write a lot of press releases.)
    3. project management (I like planning and can usually anticipate where problems will arise)
    4. social media savvy (well-versed in most social media platforms, management programs, and analytics)
    5. basic ability with InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

    … I would actually love to try out a developer or UX role on these projects (without dragging everyone else down with me, I hope) . But I would be happy to take on any role for any one of the projects mentioned on Tuesday, so whoo hoo!

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