#skillset – Juliana

Hey all,

Good to see you guys again. Here are my skill sets:

  • Outreach Coordinator:  My professional life include 6 years of business development, marketing and public relations. What I’m particularly good at is finding new areas of expansion, by finding potential clients/partnerships and seeing how we can enter a mutually beneficial relationship. In more friendly, DH speak, I can find possible collaboration opportunities that can help our project go beyond its reach as if it was just on its own- whether it is finding a like-minded organization that can link to our project site, sending project updates to publications (not just academic), inviting fellow DH’ers during the beta testing phases, or exchanging data, ideas, or code with others to build up a network. I think an outreach coordinator should go beyond telling the world about our project, but also attempt to build and actively engage with a community, much like a brand.  My everyday job is asking and answering questions like: Why would anyone care? How does this help other people? Why should they share our story?
  • Project Manager: I’m organized, deadline oriented and I pick up things pretty quickly, which is important when you are collaborating cross-functions. I may not be the best developer, but I trust my abilities to pick up the necessary details so I can talk about it intelligently. I’m good at stepping back and thinking how we can make better connections so all the functions are working at optimal levels, like coordinating outreach on important development stages. I’m also willing and able to help other team members in case they need additional help.
  • Designer/UX: I have opinions on what  looks nice and my personal preference on user experience. But my skill set in this area is limited. I’m not proficient in any of the programs that others have named. But I am willing to learn.
  • Developer: I would love to develop this skill set more. I’m taking the module on HTML and CSS at the J-School this month. Depending on the project’s technical requirements, I would be open to it.

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