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Fashion Index Weekly Update

Our group’s current goal is to locate a domain expert. In this point, we need to decide whether we keep our site in Bootsrap or tansfer tp a Django framework. We considered creating a separate page on the site showing only a map, and points on the map indicating where a photo was taken. Below or on the same page would be options to organize the map by the five borough.

The developer (Tessa) is researching API access and possibly subscribing to a service that can send us instagram photos with tag data.

The outreach (Renzo) installed Python.

The project manager (You Gene) installed MySQL. Currently, I am figuring out what is cmd and how to open the command-line Interface. Black-white screen has to show up.

We divided our roles to make our technology work out. This time each role is fluid compared to the previous works.

Designer [Minn]- Bootstrap site, exploring apigee.

Outreach [Renzo]- Mapping via Apigee, cartodb.

Developer [Tessa]- continuing Python work, attending django workshop

Project Manager [You Gene]- researching roaming experts, exploring mysql.