Encourage Pitches: U People Rule

I would like to send encouragement to some of the pitches that I liked in class.

@James I am a podcatsting nerd, I love em, I am always thinking about ones I should make. I imagine a kind of protocol that would make this idea very streamline and easy for prof’s to use. maybe like an app that would record and add intro’s automatically and upload seamlessly.

@JoJo I love this idea. I have told you before I imagine a very abstract digital space where sound and artifact behave in chaotic or beautiful ways. A kind of antithesis to ansestry.com. This project would be less about which king you are related to and more about a space to let memories stream around. kinda like the 9/11 sonic memorial archive.

@Kelly This project is important and good and practical and something that we could make and be able to distribute. It would be good for my professional development đŸ™‚

@Tessa I like the idea of a collection for web trends. I am sad that RSS seems to be less than cool, I like Pinterest but it is SO proprietary (and full of weddings). I want to think about this project a bit more, what could it be? what could it do? how could it function?

@Chris V I mean I want to see what happens with this.

@Joy I am so into mother studies and alternative spaces for scholarship and history. My interest in this is about the content like @Sarah and @Juliana

@Liam I think social citation could be fun I think we should talk about it

I was gonna try to keep it to 4 oops (sorry profs), but I would be happy to pre brainstorm before class

@ http://pixgood.com/cat-computer.html

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  1. James Mason

    Thanks for the kind words, Julia! The project I had in mind is quite simple, and with four people it could easily be completed with enough time to bolster it with additional doohickeys. I love your idea of an intro/outro paster.

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