#skillset Chris V (@CVDH4)

Here are some key skillsets I can bring to each role.

  • Project Management: Trello and Google Apps are my best friends. Task management, team building, and communication are the guts of what I would bring as project manager. I have professional working experience in the other three positions and know how to create interdepartmental dialogues (namely getting Dev Operations to play nicely with Ad Sales Reps, Editorial, and Marketing.)
  • Developer: This interests me a great deal. I have a basic understanding of Python, Javascript, PHP. I am more proficient in HTML/CSS than anything (Tip of the hat to the days of building custom MySpace pages.) This does however seem like the role that I will learn the most. I want more hands on development experience. It is a stop learning and start creating mentality that drives me here.
  • Design/UX: This is probably my strongest area of experience. I work as a graphic designer and have been involved in many web/mobile design projects. I have a working proficiency with most things made by Adobe including Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe DPS, After Effects, Edge Animate, Edge Code, Dreamweaver, Muse, and Inspect CC. If I was to take on designer I would focus my research on better understanding user interaction, prototyping, and front end development.
  • Outreach: Brand is everything. (I fear working in marketing has ruined me for life.)

I currently work at Queens College in the Center for Teaching and Learning as program assistant as well as a Digital Fellow for the Writing Across the Curriculum Department. That means I have a pool of learning resources that we can tap into, a place to have meetings, and a full media lab at our disposal.