#skillset @Julia Pollack

#skillset @Julia Pollack

Hi Friends!

Project Management: I am good at leading meetings, but I would prefer to be a great group member rather than the project manager. (I would love to help the group manager with presentations, I am a great public speaker)**

Outreach: I am a terrible speller, sooooooo someone else should tweet. But, I can make pretty pics to help with outreach materials. **

Developer: I am learning Some codes and I would like to push myself closer to this identity. I took an R class with Prof Manovich. I have hashed around with some visual tools. I would love to play around with Java. As I am reading people’s #skillset posts it seems like everyone feels a similar trepidation with the term developer. If I wear the label I would love some team buddies to work with. If I wear a different label I will be there with the developer side by side because this is a part of my academic identity I wish to focus on and develop.***

Designer: A am good at Photoshop and InDesign. I can edit video’s, and audio. I am proficient at a variety of web publishing platforms wordpress etc.. Also, I like visuals I find that I build visual models before I do anything else in a creative project. I feel as if I teach UX in library Info sessions, I am regularly leading workshops while asking students about usability and interface design.****

Other: Lookin up articles, encouraging others, problem solving, eating snacks, makin cat memes.