#skillset @LiamSweeney

Hi All, great to see everyone last week! Thoughts on how I could contribute to a project below.

Project Management: In my day job I do a lot of this. Am currently managing two surveys, one to measure the diversity of museum employees in North America and the other requesting data from academic libraries to measure Amazon’s market share of University Press print books. I’m getting okay at juggling.

Outreach: Also jives with my day job, particularly a project I’m on as a sustainability consultant for an open access journal (PPJ) starting out of Penn State/Michigan State’s Matrix, where I’m working to identify partners to help grow the project. I’m also eager to explore CUNY’s infrastructure, and relationship with NYPL, to identify different homes for various kinds of work (it is so vast!).

Developer: I don’t have much experience but am eager to learn, especially because it would be a departure from the daily grind. I’ve completed HTML/CSS and JavaScript code academy courses, some python, and have played around in R a bit. I’m into hunting down the answers on GitHub and Stack Overflow.

Designer: I have played around with the basics here- building a personal site and using the basics of Photoshop. But I don’t have any real training.