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Hi all,

Here are some things that I bring to the table. I got a handle on some of this in my previous career as a digital archivist at a media company, where I helped build, design, and launch a number of archive projects/products, working across *constituencies* and with many *stakeholders* (and have the argot to prove it). Now as a teacher, I like to think that all of my lesson-planning and focus on presenting and conveying meaning also informs my approach to our class. Most days are a logic problem in reverse: I know the ideal outcome of each lesson, but figuring out how to get there sequentially is what it’s all about. This is not unrelated to project development, I think.

Outreach: I recently stepped down as a founding co-editor of a (then) brand-new digital magazine for librarians and archivists. This involved raising awareness, getting in touch with partners and vendors, and generally building the case for why we mattered. Lotsa standard stuff re: social media and putting together announcements and going to meetings, etc.

Project Manager: Through assisting in planning and implementing a number of archive projects, I’ve worked to get different partners and players to talk in common languages, hew to best practices and deadlines, and respect all workflows and schedules. My volunteer editing experience definitely helped with this, too.

Designer/UX: In helping build digital archives, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how sites should look, feel, and function. I have some site design experience and feel comfortable with basic publishing platforms. Definitely a skill-set I’m looking to build on.

Developer: Relatively little experience in this area and so I fear that this would be biting off more than I could chew. I have interest in learning alongside my team’s developer, but in the interest of efficiency, I’m probably not the team member best suited for this role.

Also wanted to echo Julia’s support in encouraging all of these great projects, and toss in my support for Daria’s pitch, too, which sounds rad.

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