Skillset, Sarah

Developer–I’m pretty sure I have no skills in this area. Basic HTML and the ability to write SQL queries just about covers it. I am going to quote Chris M, who summed up my feelings on this role perfectly “Relatively little experience in this area and so I fear that this would be biting off more than I could chew. I have interest in learning alongside my team’s developer, but in the interest of efficiency, I’m probably not the team member best suited for this role.”

Outreach–I have social media accounts. Occasionally I use them. Definitely a growth area for me.

Designer–This is the role that interests me the most. I have some basic design program knowledge–Photoshop, InDesign etc. I critique usability and web design all the time, so I’d like try and put my $ where my mouth is and move beyond critique. As a quilter and a former pastry chef, I have experience working in some really different visual languages.

Program Manager–I love to make lists & organize things. I run super-efficient meetings. I’m goal oriented and good at problem solving. I think this is my strongest skill area.

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