@yougenee skill set posting

I would like to describe my basic characteristics and strong point. Also couple of weak points…
-social science studies background
– organized/ neat
-analytic- good at summarizing long paragraphs.
-good at mediating opposing ideas
-liberal & open-minded/ flexible
-punctual in time, time management
-arranging time
-negotiation, communication
-I think I am a trainable person. I easily get used to a novel environment.
I have experience in designing google sites for my undergraduate course works.

I am thinking of doing project manager.
I want to avoid the designer because I have lack of knowledge of coding/ computer languages.
Outreach collaborator… maybe I will think about it.

To be honest, I am not still familiar with coding. I am afraid of making huge mistakes once I have to serve the role related to the coding.

I look forward to hearing interesting ideas for next class.


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