Journal #1 Julia

I am excited and anxious for this process.

It was really nice to see all the familiar faces from DH1. The project I put forward for DH1 is something I will be pursing on an individual level. I think using DH in a preformative space to help me construct my artwork will push my work in ways that I have yet to know and understand. But this work is dependent on travel and is not appropriate for a group project it is to self serving. I will have no idea what information I have until after I take my trip and sift through my collections.

I am not one to get anxious in class, I love everything about school, work shopping, talking, and getting through ideas. But I will admit that I am anxious to know how this DH class project will move forward. My favorite teachers, teachers I base my own teaching ideals on, have always had  skills components to class and a theoretical components to class. I appreciate projects that have something to show at the end. I appreciate final projects that have a bit of showmanship and theater. Even if a project does not function in exactly the way it set out I like projects that have finished edges.

I like to have a plan an idea of the knowns and unknowns and I am anxious to know what I will be working on (besides my own side projects).

my goals for this class are to expand my technical DH skillset. I hope to learn enough about this workshoping teaching process to find ways to implement this kind of project based learning in my library profession. Digital Humanities  librarian is a job that has hit the librarian list serve, I have an idea about how I would brand my skillset for a position like this and there are some skills that I want to shore up before I claim this job title. This class will be  chance to showcase examples of my DH deliverable.

2 thoughts on “Journal #1 Julia

  1. (Martha) Joy Rose

    Julia –
    Such an honest and great post!
    I think we’ll all feel better once we “settle” after Tues. We are a good, strong class — ultimately, I think we all want to work together to forward DH activities and everything will work out.
    Looking forward to e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

  2. James Mason

    Just remember that you’re certainly not alone in your anxieties. As a first year MALS student with very little computational background, explaining my project was, is, and will continue to be nerve wracking. If we were certain about the pitch, process, and success of these projects, then I’d be more worried. All of us are looking to examine some sort of uncharted territory, and I think this is why we’re worried — yadda yadda fear of the unknown. Like Martha Joy said though, we’re all in this together. We will end up with some great stuff at the end of this semester because we’re all great.

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